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C# App To Search Companies Nearby Some Address

We need .net WinForm exe application to find companies in some distance of given address in our customer database. The companies with address information are stored in table in Oracle database. We will provide sample table after the contract is done.

Current plan is that there would be logic in pl/sql in oracle database to convert addresses to gps coordinates and store that information to database. There should be a system to set the gps coordinates for all existing rows and then maintain those coordinates automatically. The addresses are in all of the world, so we suggest to use free Google Geocode api unless you have some better free suggestions. If google geocode is used then the maximum 2500 free google geocode api calls limit per day should be handled properly. The logic to fetch and store coordinates for companies must be implemented inside Oracle in pl/sql read more

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November 3, 2011

Calculator APP for iPhone/iPad/Blackberry

We are looking for someone to design an app that will work on a iPhone/iPad and Blackberry, This calculator should be able to calculator in meters, yards, tons and feet. User Select Shape ( Cube, Cube (Pool Shaped), Cone and Cylinder then Select Measurement System picking from meters, yards, tons and feet, then user Enter Dimensions that being Length, Width, Depth after this the calculations should come up.

Also we need Unit Convertors user to be able to convert from yard to feet, feet to yards, meters to yards and so on. ( NOTE: We have a working calculator on our website so maybe you can refer to that). we’ll supply you with logo, just need to know what size is needed read more

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November 1, 2011

Security Smart Card Tester, Probe and Glitch

We have developed a Security smart card system, we are looking from around the world for testers to test the security of our product, Researchers or engineers with lab access are welcome to test with microporb and chemicals or dissect our product, we need the help of all of you to make a better security system before start selling our new development. We are looking for researcher or programmers where we can send them our cards, to test and glitch, people with hardware like Microprobe machine are welcome too read more

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